Støtteredskaber til erkendelse.

Aurelia Florentina

Starlight i sæt

S1 - The Lotus = Love and Freedom (pale pink/pale apple green)
S2 - Rapt in Magic = Rapture and Magic (opal-gold/lilac-platinum)
S3 - Stillness = Peace and Perception (pale blue/deep blue)
S4 - Earth Light = Connection and Creation (pale olive/pale turquoise)
S5 - Infinite Radiance = Infinity and Radiance (clear/gold)
S6 - Joyful Being = Joy and Being (yellow/rich magenta)
S7 - The Hearth = Innocence and Fire (coral/orange)
S8 - Stardust = Awakening and Remembrance (pewter-platinum/copper-gold)


Reconnecting with our star-selves is potent because it reminds us that:

*we are love
*we are vast, limitless and infinite
*life can be based on love, peace, joy and freedom
*magic is all around us if we choose to see it!


The Starlight energies are unique, special, intriguing and hugely inspiring.  They will take you deeply into the treasures of your own starlight so that you might live it here on the Earth.  If you've been waiting to discover more of who you are and what you're here for, the Starlights will light your path.  If you're ready to engage with the most magnificent light you hold within, the Starlight energies will help take you there.  If you're ready to experience frequencies of light, love and inspiration beyond the ordinary, take a step on your Starlight adventure and purchas one of the beautiful Starlights.

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