Goddess of Connection,


Finally you received it. I am the True Violet Lady, number 13. ( I am the Lady that radiates over the other 12.) I have been holding a lot of energy for you while you were out there trying to experience "real life". Now you finally connected with me in the mirror.

All 12 Ladies are reflections of different energies all human experience through their many life times. That is why they are so strong in their healing abilities, that you and others have sensed in different ways and in each one of them there also are many layers. You know that because you have experienced it time after time. You have done a great job as human although you have been so harsh on yourself.

Accept that now as you release yourself.

In greatest appreciation and love

HjerteThe Violet LadyHjerte


True Violet Lady tog også navneforandring i dag til

Goddess of Connection.

7 12 2016

Rebirthed as Consciousness of Connection