Reflections- A time of painting.

 (19-5-2016)This was written april last year.


A time of painting, maybe an addiction or distraction? And what comes now? And – and – and…..

I felt the colours in my life disappeared, when I had to leave my flower shop because I got allergic and we all know it came for a reason, because somehow it serves me and – and – and. Didn´t know much about that 30 years ago.

Then I met Aura Soma and felt the colours coming back to me and at that time I had started the process: who am I.

I also got an education in painting wet in wet, aquarelle.

In 1999 I visited my son living nearby Trondheim, Norway. It was planned that I should be at an exhibition for another, selling her books.

Where my son lives, there is a small artist shop, and to have something to do in the spare time, I bought some oil paint and some small canvases. One morning few days before the exhibition, I sat painting and suddenly heard myself say to my daughter in law: I am going to paint pictures to people at that exhibition. Inside myself I know it would be in a way so that the colours and the forms are for them personally to sense and have a dialog with them to get in contact with old stuff to release it.

Off I went to buy some more colours and canvases, my son printed a very simple sheet of paper: healing painting + price.

The first person that reflected on this was a man, he asked me what I was doing and I told him: I paint what I sense about you and you can use it as a healing painting or for meditation. How do you know he said and I was very surprised when I without hesitation said: I just do. We started and I said something to him and also asked about something and suddenly the tears started to run. He was a bit embarrassed, but I told him it was okay because he was releasing old pain. I managed to get 3 men to tears that weekend and also painted for many women, but they are more used to show tears.

This was the start of a new era for me. Later I started to paint a lot of small paintings, had them on a whiteboard so that people could choose from them and then we had a dialog about why they had chosen those colours. A sort of my own Aura Soma system.

In 2012 I felt I got a “task”, I started to paint canvases big size ( 50cmx150cm), they wanted to be named Ladies, twelve of them it eventually became. The Lady of Truth, of Birth, of Being, The Violet Lady, The Turquiose Lady, The Coral Lady, Lady Silver Moon, Lady Golden Gaia, Lady Silver Star, The Lady of the New Christ Consciousness, Lady Earth Star and The Lady of Intuition and Deep  Inner Communication. I felt that I should make a channel, 4 times 3 like in a square, and then people could sit in there and receive the energy that was appropriate for them, and if they wanted a dialog afterwards we did that.

June two years ago I painted number 13 The True Violet Lady. I felt it as if she was radiating to the other twelve, but she again was one of twelve. Interesting, but then in September last year, they wanted to be goddesses, I had to paint some changes and some of them had a change of name. The Goddess of Truth, of Birth, of Being, of Transformation, of Inner Source, of Compassion, Goddess Silver Moon, Goddess Golden Gaia, Goddess Silver Star, The Goddess of the Newborn Christ Consciousness, Goddess Earth Star, Goddess of Deep Inner Core and number 13 changed to Goddess of Connection.

Earlier this year my painting changed. I painted 2 times 6 triangle canvases, which was laid out as 6 pointed Stars on the floor. It was very powerful to step in there and just allow the energy to flow. To me it felt as if the energy flowing down wanted to be expressed outward on the earth, almost as if heaven comes to earth integrating the individual expression of the person standing in the center. It was interesting to hear the different energies people felt.

The two latest paintings I did, was again different, one of them I named the Goddess of Grace.

Then all of a sudden I should not paint for a while, I had decided to come to Kos and I accepted that changes were on their way and – and – and still not quite sure where to go, but relax and have fun.

This was a part of my history, thanks for letting me share with you.