G34. The Gold Anchor

This bottle relates to the Golden Gaias. Its message is that you have a specific role to play in the creation of a new reality on the earth and gifts to share in helping humanity evolve to a higher level of consciousness. Your journey may not have been particularly easy up to this point, and you may have felt alone and unsupported at times or as if no one could see you for who you truly are. This is finally your time. This bottle says you are already connected to the power of your authentic Divine self and now you are moving to a new level of empowerment and focus. Let go of any doubt that you are divinely loved and supported. Follow the path of mastery and anchor your light fully here on the earth. You have an immense and exciting destiny ahead of you.


G35. The Platinum Anchor

This bottle links to the Platinum Gaias, which were created specifically to remind you of your vastness. It reconnects you with the star realms and the immense support they are offering at this time. The pale blue-lilac of the platinum reminds you of the power of the words you use. Whatever you speak can now be brought into manifestation, and with the deep magenta holding you in Divine love, this is a powerful time to create your vision for the future.

This bottle is a reminder of the deep ocean of light that has always carried you. It is similar in colour to bottle G21 (The Beloved) and it too says you are deeply, permanently, divinely loved. These colours help you anchor into the earth in a new way and realise that it is safe now to bring your starry qualities into the world. This bottle facilitates the weaving of practical magic in your life and on the planet so that you can manifest whatever you desire in miraculous ways and use it for the greater good. It opens a portal on the earth through which you can draw into your life the pure, deep peace of the Divine.


G36. The Love Anchor

This bottle relates to the Coral Gaias, which were created to remind you that you are a Divine being having a human experience. It is only because you have chosen to experience life in a body that you can be part of the creation of a new reality on the earth – a true heaven on earth. Heaven has never been a place ‘out there’, it has always been about a journey into the heart, which is the gateway to Divine love. The rich, sumptuous colours of this bottle remind you that love is all that exists. Here is true deep love on all levels: the unconditional self-love of coral supported by the Divine love of magenta.

The number 36 reduces to 9, so this bottle is about completion and the end of a cycle. You now have the potential for exciting and extraordinary new beginnings as you merge your human self with your Divine self. Move forward now into a new era where everything rests on, is created from and returns to Divine love. Let your journey as a Divine human become one of joy, magic and creativity. Surrender into love and come home.